We’ve been building the right indoor climate solutions since 1997.

Precision Portable Air Conditioning Systems

At OceanAire, we want to be your first choice in portable heating and cooling. Since 1997, OceanAire has garnered the admiration of our partners and competitors alike, with the design and manufacture of portable air conditioner units and heat pumps that are truly in a class of their own. Our industry leading commercial grade products offer superior performance and durability that is unrivaled. The functionality of our products is only overshadowed by the continuing innovation and design of new and exciting products by our renowned team of designers.

Dependability, Innovation and Unparalleled Service

Our company is built entirely on quality which is evident in our entire range of products. It’s easy to see how quality drives the real world application of our air conditioning solutions. Our entire range of products deliver outstanding and efficient performance year after year.

The OceanAire team is made up of industry veterans who know quality and are committed to producing the very best products, every day. Our 40,000+ square foot manufacturing facility outside Chicago, Illinois is home to a team that offer a remarkable wealth of heating and cooling industry expertise… There isn’t anything we don’t know about portable air conditioners!

The Best Portable Air Conditioner Made in the U.S.A.

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