Portable Air Conditioner Solutions for IT, Telecoms and Data Centers

OceanAire designs and manufactures portable air conditioners that are perfect for IT and data center applications. We offer numerous options for IT equipment cooling to deliver unparalleled service for any application including computer servers, rack rooms, telecom servers, data centers, networks, ISPs or any rooms which house electronic equipment.

Electronic equipment runs hot and quickly produces an excess of hot air which can be harmful to sensitive electronic components. Maintaining a cool temperature is vital to prevent equipment from automatically shutting down due to overheating.

Data Center Cooling Systems – Portable Units

A portable air conditioner from OceanAire is the perfect solution. Our AMERICAN MADE units can be quickly and easily deployed to provide instant cooling. All our portable air conditioners come with heavy duty casters to allow for mobility. They can be easily wheeled into place to cool any room in minutes, and can also be effortlessly stored.

Spot Coolers for IT Equipment

The effects of a data center shut down are far reaching and greatly impact businesses and customers alike. With server rooms needing to operate at cooler temperatures than the rest of an office, it is not very practical to use HVAC systems to cool one room. That’s why data center spot cooling is a popular solution. OceanAire has customers across the United States who use our exceptional portable spot cooling systems in data centers. We look forward to help you find an OceanAire distributor near you.

Emergency Cooling Server Rooms and Racks

With so many people depending on data centers to provide vital services around the world, it is absolutely vital to keep them up and running 24/7. When office A/C breaks down, an emergency portable air conditioner from OceanAire can be used to provide quiet, efficient and dependable service for any length of time.

Simply position the unit, plug it in and discharge the heat out of the room, providing instant cooling in an emergency.

Mobile Cooling Units – Easily Deployed

It is becoming more and more common for businesses to host their own dedicated servers and rack rooms in house to keep company information private and telecoms systems running internally.

Anyone who hosts IT or telecom systems in-house can benefit from an OceanAire portable air conditioner to keep equipment safely running at optimal temperatures. This can increase the life of critical equipment and prevent catastrophic shutdowns.

OceanAire portable A/C units are renowned for providing quiet and efficient cooling in data centers. Our team has extensive experience in building precision portable air conditioner units and our entire range of products is built in the USA to provide many years of dependable service.

For more information, or to find a distributor in your area, please contact OceanAire today.


Some of the more popular applications for OceanAire portable air conditioner units include:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Meeting / Conference Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Recovery Rooms
  • Surgical Suites
  • Nursing Homes
  • Galleries / Loft Spaces
  • Laboratories
  • Office Basements
  • Server Rooms
  • Electronic Equipment Rooms
  • Gyms / Locker Rooms
  • Even Outdoor / Tent Cooling
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