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With more than 25 years of experience in portable cooling and heating, OceanAire offers the industry’s broadest line of products for temporary and emergency cooling and heating.

As the industry’s design leaders, we offer six families of products ranging from 1 Ton to 5 Tons of cooling capacity, in a variety of power options.

We also offer an extensive range of customizable product options and accessories.
Put simply, OceanAire can provide you with the right product for the job.


OceanAire, Inc. manufactures compact, quiet and technologically advanced portable air conditioner products in a 40,000+ square foot facility in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

All OceanAire air conditioning units are carefully assembled by a team of highly experienced HVAC specialists, who take pride in their work.UL Listed in the US and Canada - Oceanaire Portable Commercial Air Conditioners

OceanAire portable air conditioners are UL listed.

Prior to shipment, they are thoroughly tested, and are backed by:

  • A 1 year warranty
  • Plus 4 years of additional warranty on the compressor


OceanAire believe in helping you and your staff get the most out of out products. OceanAire works closely with its distributors on product training and application support.

Our success is directly linked to your success!


OceanAaire’s customer service and technical support staff are here to serve you with application assistance and unparalleled service – before and after the sale.

From building cooling and heating, to food service, to specialty manufacturing, we are here to assist with your project.

With a highly flexible manufacturing system, OceanAire is able to design, build to order and ship product for the most demanding application.

OceanAire would be pleased to help you provide a better climate… anywhere!

Please contact OceanAire today to learn more.

For immediate assistance, call the KEEP COOL TEAM at (847) 583-0311.

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