Portable Air Conditioners – Building Cooling

Portable air conditioner units from OceanAire come in a wide range of sizes for industrial and commercial applications. One of the most popular uses of our unique portable air conditioner units is building cooling.

Often times, buildings or sections of buildings require air conditioning for a temporary period of time. Whether seasonal or for short-term applications, OceanAire offers a range of solutions to cool buildings and other large interior spaces quietly and efficiently.

Our industrial and commercial sized portable air conditioners are available in air-cooled and water-cooled units which come in various sizes for use in any application. We build units from 12,000 to more than 60,000 BTUs, which simply means that OceanAire has a solution for cooling any building, anywhere.

Industrial Portable Air Conditioner Units for Offices

Our most popular OceanAire unit is the air-cooled air conditioner, which is typically ventilated through ‘floated’ or drop ceilings. Accessory kits are available for ducting into a 2 X 2 panel. These units can also be ducted to push the hot air out through other means, such as a garage or into any room that does not require cooling. These units are versatile and dependable, and are a popular choice for instant air conditioning in most buildings.

There are times when building cooling presents unique obstacles. When ventilation of the condenser air is not possible, particularly in buildings with complete walls from floor to roof.  In some cases there is not sufficient building space for heat rejection.  Therefore, OceanAire offers a range of great water-cooled air conditioner solutions.

Our water-cooled portable air conditioner units provide a unique portable solution that uses water for heat rejection in the cooling process. The water may be supplied from a chilled water loop, a tower loop or a sink.  Convenient hose kits provide flexibility for installation and offer the user a means to cool in restricted areas of a building.  These units are widely used to cool rooms with laboratory equipment, servers and electronic equipment.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Both of these distinctive cooling processes enable our clients to select the best option for instant and portable commercial air conditioning, which can be used anywhere. Building cooling is just one of our many specialties. Our quality driven approach and dedication to manufacturing the best commercial air conditioning units is what enables our products to run for many years of dependable and efficient use.

OceanAire Innovation

OceanAire is renowned for innovations and is the most forward thinking manufacturer in commercial air conditioning today. We support a nationwide network of distributors to provide AMERICAN MADE portable commercial air conditioning units, which we strongly believe are the best available in the world today.

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Some of the more popular applications for OceanAire portable air conditioner units include:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Meeting / Conference Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Recovery Rooms
  • Surgical Suites
  • Nursing Homes
  • Galleries / Loft Spaces
  • Laboratories
  • Office Basements
  • Server Rooms
  • Electronic Equipment Rooms
  • Gyms / Locker Rooms
  • Event Outdoor / Tent Cooling
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