Engineered Solutions for an Unpredictable World

OceanAire is constantly working to solve the problems our customers face. With the current healthcare issues caused by COVID-19, we have recently received a great number of inquiries regarding cooling rooms that are being maintained under negative pressure.

For COVID-19 patients, use of HEPA Air Scrubbers and/or Negative Air Machines is common, and there has been great demand for containment. Customers are specifying these types of units in their facilities, and companies are working hard to meet that demand.

As temperatures begin to rise, what happens when you need cooling in a room that is under negative air pressure conditions?

OceanAire has the solution…
Water-Cooled Portable Air Conditioners

OceanAire is the largest and most trusted leader in the manufacturing of water-cooled portable units in the United States.Water Cooled Portable Air Conditioning Units for Commercial and Industrial Use

The OceanAire Water-Cooled units are NOT AFFECTED by the negative air conditions because the units simply recirculate the existing air in the room.

The OceanAire water-cooled units transfer the heat through the entering cold water and do not discharge hot air. Therefore, if you need to cool a room with a negative air unit already in the room, a water-cooled air conditioner is the only solution.

Cooling Areas Affected by COVID-19

This scenario also applies to areas that could possibly be affected by the COVID-19 virus in need of cooling, where the customer does NOT want to discharge any air from the room to another area, or cannot discharge outside.

Water-Cooled-Commercial-Cooling-Air-Conditioners-from-Oceanaire-OWC-PWC-SeriesOceanAire’s water-cooled air conditioning units will provide a solution, because these units do not remove air from the room, they only cool the room. They do not pass or spread air from one room to another.

One other important aspect of OceanAire’s water-cooled air conditioning units is that they can operate in high ambient temperatures. So long as the entering water is colder than the ambient temperature, you will get cooling.

If a scenario like this develops and you need help, OceanAire water-cooled cooling unit can provide immediate relief.

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Thank you for your time and stay safe.
– The OceanAire Team
Engineered Solutions for an Unpredictable World

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